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Bush lawyers abound out there in strataland. Someone heard from someone else that someone did something or got something and then that becomes the rumour that bounces around endlessly becoming the little spot fire that we then need to put out individually with clients when they ring to ask us: ‘I got told THIS — can we do that too?’ Valuers have it worse though. ‘So and so down the road got 5.6 times for their business so that means mine is worth 5.8 times.’ Leaving aside it was never contracted at 5.6 times in the first place, usually what has happened is the accountantRead More →

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It’s been nearly ten years since the launch of AirBnB, and five years since it arrived in Australia. Much like Uber before it, the home-sharing platform’s grand promise to democratise the hotel and holiday rental market has brought with it a lot of problems – especially for hosts’ neighbours, bodies corporate, real estate agents, and of course onsite managers. We decided to explore onsite managers’ sentiment around AirBnB, so we reached out to our members and asked them to share their thoughts and concerns. This article is the first in the series. To kick things off, we looked at the pro-AirBnB side: those who haveRead More →

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If you saw the recent 60 minutes feature on the post GFC failure of the CEC Group in North Qld and the attack on the Commonwealth Bank I am sure you would have been somewhat taken back by the content.  I won’t get into the detail here but sufficient to say that the program and its reporter displayed a spectacular lack of understanding of even the most rudimentary elements of bank finance and credit contracts. The founder of CEC, to no great surprise, is playing the bank sent me broke card to some effect and places the outcome completely at the feet of the lender.Read More →

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM Fishburners 155 Queen St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, BrisbaneFishburners is in the Zara building, but entrance is through the building next door (“Regent”). There will be an event attendant helping you with directions in front of it. About Our business events: Our business events provide members an opportunity to build business networks and exchange ideas in a relaxed social setting. We welcome both Chinese and Australian entrepreneurs to join us!Attendees at our events are warm, positive, career-driven and love to meet new people. Cold beer for early arrivals Dress code: smart casual. Event schedule: 6.30-7pm Business Networking 7-8pm GuestRead More →

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A rise in solar panel fires in several Australian states has prompted a warning for hundreds of apartment owners going green on the cheap. At Ace, we’re concerned the problem could quickly grow with the huge popularity of solar power only increasing, if owners corporations/bodies corporate continue to put price over quality. Apartment blocks are well suited to solar networks because the energy generated can be used to power common areas creating costs-savings for owners corporations, but the presence of inexperienced market operators using cheap products has unfortunately exposed owners to serious fire risks. Fire Departments in Queensland have attended over 50 fires in theRead More →

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The Queensland Government is cracking down on combustible building cladding, following the Grenfell Tower fire in London and the discovery that the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane is clad in a similarly combustible material. The new Audit Taskforce is Queensland’s response to Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull’s call for States to ensure buildings meet Australian standards for fire safety. 44 buildings in Queensland – 23 government owned and 21 privately held – are undergoing compliance checks. While no other cases of non-compliant cladding have been found in the month since the taskforce launched, wider reviews could uncover many more; investigations after the 2014 Lacrosse fire inRead More →

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Some strata communities – formerly known as Body Corporates – aren’t liable to pay tax. However, this is not applicable to all stratas, and wrongly assuming you are exempt from paying tax can lead to fines and even court proceedings. It’s important to get in the know about strata communities and tax liabilities so you can gauge whether or not you are liable. If you need more information or one-on-one advice about your own situation, it may be worth speaking to a strata specialist with corporate tax knowledge, such as the team at Abacus Strata. Here’s a quick overview of strata related Tax to helpRead More →

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Water has an incredible ability to find its way into all sorts of strange places.  In community schemes, this can quickly fudge the outlines of who is responsible for water damage.  So who should you be talking to if you suffer water damage?  And what are you responsible for? For owners in a property with a Building Manager, this person should always be your first port of call in a case of water damage, as they will identify responsibility for repairs.  It is important to recognise responsibility is divided between the Owners Corporation or Body Corporate and individual lot owners.  Bodies corporate/owners corporations are generallyRead More →

Unfortunately, in this day and age, it is almost necessary for a Property Manager or leasing consultant to complete a course in self-defence along with their registration. I began asking Property Managers if any have had scary encounters whilst at a tenant’s premises.  Statistically speaking, 1 in 5 had some sort of scare.  I personally, have been pushed against a wall, whilst carrying out an exit inspection, by the outgoing tenant.  This drew me to the conclusion to NEVER agree to conduct the inspection with them present. Routine inspections, if carried out correctly, should be fairly straight forward and the tenant should, in most instances,Read More →

A tragic shooting yesterday left 2 female property managers dead and a third male property manager in hospital in a stable condition. The shooting occurred in a rural property where the managers were understood to be conducting a standard tenancy inspection. The tenant is believed to have opened fire on the property managers at the home killing two and injuring a third. Detective Inspector Dene Begbie of Northland Police said roads around the area were cordoned and the suburb was in lock-down as a major police operation was launched when the gunshots were reported at around 11am local time on Wednesday, July 26th. Responding officers wereRead More →

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