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Mike Phipps Finance

I see there is a financial institution out there that proposes that it’s possible to love a bank.  It’s an interesting premise and given the overuse of the L word in modern dialogue I thought I’d go back to basics and have a look at the definition of love.  Turns out its pretty much all things to all people albeit my search through the Interweb found this rather succinct paragraph. Love can make you do anything and sacrifice for what will be better in the end. Love is intense,and passionate. Everything seems brighter, happier and more wonderful when you’re in love. If you find it,Read More →


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Hynes Legal

The Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997 (BCCM Act) sets out a number of spending limits. Some of these intersect with others. Some need to go to general meeting and some depend on the number of lots in the scheme. The rules relating to them are scattered across the relevant Regulation Modules. This article sets them out in one place. The major categories of spending include the: committee spending limit (is a committee or general meeting required?) major spending limit (are two quotes needed?) common property improvement limit (what type of resolution is required depending on who is making the improvement?) The committee spending limit The default position for committeeRead More →


Contributed By: Small Myers Hughes

Small Myers Hughes

I have had a number of managers come to me very concerned that their committee will not support an extension of their caretaking and letting agreements. They have the distinct impression that, if the committee does not support the “top-up”, any extension will not happen. Obviously, a top-up which is supported by the committee will invariably be passed at a General Meeting of the Owners Corporation/Body Corporate. A top-up that is not supported by the committee is going to be much more difficult to pass. However, don’t despair! As an owner of a lot, you have a right to place a motion on the agendaRead More →


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Reliable Pool Care

A very large number of TheOnsiteManager managers trust Reliable Pool Care to service commercial and residential pools in Brisbane CBD and surrounding suburbs since 2001. We have recently expanded our service area to include the Gold Coast . We pride ourselves on being very competitive and knowledgeable on all aspects of pool maintenance Sent from my iPhone We supply and install pumps , chloronators and filters along with robotic pool cleaners and suction cleaners. One off and regular servicing available. We are More than happy to provide a free poolside consultation and discuss a way of improving your maintenance schedule and improve the health and well-beingRead More →


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We are really proud to announce that is now live. We developed this site using a special system we developed to roll these sites out very quickly via TheOnsiteManager software, keeping development costs low and ensuring exceptional standard of quality is achieved. Using this framework, we can now deliver beautiful, sophisticated, and totally custom WordPress driven websites for onsite managers with incredible turn-around times. was the test-case for this, and we’ve already taken 3 more bookings for manager’s apartment complex websites. As you can see, the result is a beautiful website that can be used from a phone, tablet, or PC. The featuresRead More →


Contributed By: Hynes Legal

Hynes Legal

If you are in the accommodation industry and have not heard of Airbnb you must have been living under a rock. The San Francisco-based home sharing juggernaut just keeps growing. It is affecting accommodation supply worldwide, but also in our little part of the planet. An indication of how quickly Airbnb has arrived is reflected in the most recent BCCM review recommendations. We received the recommendations last month to an issues paper released in December 2014. The topic of short term letting restrictions would have been a perfect addition to that options paper, but Airbnb was simply not on the radar when it was published.Read More →


Contributed By: Hynes Legal

Hynes Legal

Hot on the heels of the lot entitlement review recommendations, we now have the recommendations paper in response to another of the BCCMA option papers. What is in this recommendations paper is not law, although it is what the QUT professors are suggesting should become law.  Responses to the paper can be lodged as detailed here and close on 5 May 2017. The recommendations paper (amongst other things) relates to: Towing of cars; Pets; Smoking; Overcrowding; Fining occupiers for breaching by-laws; Debt recovery costs; Australian addresses for service; and Scheme termination. Can anyone else smell an election coming on? There are 84 pages of recommendationsRead More →


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Short Punch & Greatorix

A valid and current Caretaking Agreement and Letting Agreement (“Agreement”) with a healthy term remaining is one of the most valuable assets in a management rights business. This is recognised by anyone with an interest in the business, including banks and potential purchasers. It is therefore imperative that Service Contractors and Letting Agents (“Building Managers”) understand the process that is involved in both exercising an option and adding an option to the term of their current Agreement. Exercising an Option to Renew The effect of not exercising an option can be disastrous. If a Building Manager does not exercise an option within the required timeRead More →


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One of our core services at is to assist managers selling properties within their complex. This is a vital service for managers as it allows them to grow and retain their letting pool, compete and guard against outside agents, and generate additional (and considerable) revenue through sales commissions. To this end, we provide all the tools, databases, contracts and paperwork needed by the manager. We also allow the manager to market the sale on all the major portals around the country. We don’t charge any commission (at all!) to do this which makes our service hugely popular with over 370 managers engaging our agencyRead More →


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Hynes Legal

It’s over. The longest running (and most expensive) dispute over a deck in Australia has been decided by the High Court.  There are no appeals from there so we now have the definitive statement on what a body corporate’s decision making obligations are based on. Round one went to the deck owner (Commissioner’s Office) Round two went to the complaining owners (QCAT) Round three went to the deck owner (Qld Supreme Court) We wrote an article after the Supreme Court decision here. The opponents to the deck won. The smartest group of lawyers in the country (being the High Court) has decided that the oppositionRead More →