The Importance of Smoke Alarm Compliance

Contributed By: Nick Buick on is delighted to announce that we have partnered with Hotspots Australia to ensure your smoke alarm and other compliance obligations are being met. With the recent changes in smoke alarm legislation in QLD we thought it was important to ensure our clients are up to date and ready to change.

To read more about the changes in legislation see here

Hotspots have created an exclusive package for onsite managers, combining smoke alarm compliance, general electrical and air conditioning work under one banner. In addition to the ease of dealing with just one trade, Hotspots also does not charge call out fees resulting in savings for your clients.

Hotspots offer two (2) annual comprehensive subscription packages

Smoke Alarm Compliance only Per property annually $79.00
Smoke Alarm & Safety Compliance (Smoke Alarm compliance, Blinds compliance & Safety Switch compliance) Per property annually $129.00

Hotspots Australia has extensive experience in working with onsite managers. They understand that your time is precious and valuable. Leverage off their knowledge of the legislation and save time and money.

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