Australian Landlord Insurance – Excellent Coverage, Value and Referrer Program!

Contributed By: Nick Buick on frequently gets introduced to many products, including landlord insurance, catering to the real estate industry. With our managers in mind, we assess the overall benefit of each product. Recently, Australian Landlord Insurance (ALI) presented an offer to us to take to our managers. We are pleased, on behalf of ALI, to offer to you landlord insurance for just $320. This represents a reduction, in most cases, over landlord’s current policies but also provides your clients with additional cover in many areas. Also note that the normal cost of a ALI landlord insurance policy in Queensland is $325.

ALI’s product is extremely competitive in the current market. Some of the main features of its policy are:

  • Rental default up to $18,000 with no excess, up to a maximum rent of $1,500 per week and the number of weeks is not limited on all rental default claims. As an example, if a property rents for $500 per week, rent default coverage is up to 36 weeks. Whereas some other insurers only offer up to fifteen (15) weeks rent default coverage.
  • Murder/Suicide/Government – 104 weeks cover. Whereas some other insurers provide 52 weeks cover
  • Accidental, deliberate & malicious damage (inclusive of pet damage) up to $70,000. Whereas some other insurers provide coverage up to $60,000 but presently only provides $500 cover for deliberate and pet damage.

Not only does ALI provide a significantly better offering and a far lower premium, they also have the most generous referral fee we’ve found at up to $30 per policy per year!

If you wish to take advantage of their offer, we will, as a priority, arrange insurance coverage with ALI and ensure you get your discount as part of TheOnsiteManager. has also bundled up with another services provider, Hotspots Australia to offer smoke alarm compliance as well as a increased referral fee of $30 a property when combining both landlord insurance and smoke alarm compliance. Additionally, there are discounts for owners with multiple properties.

To get the ball rolling all you have to do is register here:

Please click here to view ALI’s brochure that outlines full details of their policy. Also, here is a copy of the PDS.

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