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A tragic shooting yesterday left 2 female property managers dead and a third male property manager in hospital in a stable condition. The shooting occurred in a rural property where the managers were understood to be conducting a standard tenancy inspection. The tenant is believed to have opened fire on the property managers at the home killing two and injuring a third. Detective Inspector Dene Begbie of Northland Police said roads around the area were cordoned and the suburb was in lock-down as a major police operation was launched when the gunshots were reported at around 11am local time on Wednesday, July 26th. Responding officers wereRead More →

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Many people believe the main reason we re-paint body corporate buildings is to protect them from the elements. However this is not necessarily true. Apart from sealing certain aspects, such as metal balustrade where we paint in order to deter rust, or ensure natural timber is kept moist through oiling or staining, the real reason we re-paint any building, is to enhance its visual appeal. The built environment and architecture in general plays a huge role in affecting people’s moods. So when it comes to the health and happiness of a body corporate community, a good looking and clean building plays an integral role. EXTERIORRead More →

Resort Brokers Australia has added two new brokers to its Queensland ranks, taking the agency’s growing national network of specialist brokers to 37. The two latest appointments, Todd Warner on the Gold Coast and Arron Bailey on the Sunshine Coast, follow significant recent expansion moves in Victoria and South Australia. Catering for management rights demand growth on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, Resort Brokers has welcomed two sales professionals from former senior management roles with the world’s largest family-owned spirits company, Bacardi Martini Australia. Todd Warner, an experienced sales professional with a proven track record of leadership in the liquor and construction industries over some 25 years, will handle managementRead More →

MR Sales are pleased to welcome two new members to their team of experienced brokers in Brisbane. Tony Mancuso and Lyn Pearsall will be joining Greg Jorgensen in Brisbane listing and selling management rights. With 25 years in the Brisbane building industry, as both a builder and developer, Tony Mancuso was heavily involved in the establishment of body corporate schemes and community management scheme statements. Tony also has a financial interest in two manufactured home parks in Victoria and New South Wales, giving him a grass roots understanding of the industry. Tony has been involved in the management rights industry for over 10 years havingRead More →

A torrent of investment in large-scale infrastructure projects is set to stimulate widespread opportunities in the accommodation industry, particularly in regional centres, according to Resort Brokers Australia. The national industry specialist is urging accommodation investors and operators to “follow the infrastructure trail” as Australia embarks on a period of colossal investment in nation-building projects designed to stimulate economic productivity in the short and long term. Commitments, at Federal and State levels, are numerous.  Chief among them are the 1700km so-called ‘Steel Mississippi’ Inland Rail from Melbourne to Brisbane, the giant power-grid battery project dubbed Snowy Hydro 2.0, and the new Western Sydney Airport at BadgerysRead More →

What is bullying? Everyone’s definition of bullying is different.  Wikipedia says as follows: Bullying is the use of force, threat, or coercion to abuse, intimidate, or aggressively dominate others. The behaviour is often repeated and habitual. One essential prerequisite is the perception, by the bully or by others, of an imbalance of social or physical power, which distinguishes bullying from conflict. Many of us have children and the bullying that occurs at schools today astounds me.  From verbal threats to physical attacks.  We all are asking “why is it getting worse?”  I don’t remember it being this bad when we were kids. We can blameRead More →

Calvin Bailey’s North Queensland business was established with Property Pacific in 2003 to provide specialist sales and marketing services to the management rights industry. Previous to this Calvin operated a number of management rights properties, starting with the first one in 1995. Over time Calvin has become a well-known entity in the industry, building an enviable reputation through unwavering commitment and professional expertise. While focusing on the beautiful North Queensland region Calvin has sold a number of properties in other regions as well, including NSW, Victoria, the Northern Territory plus other areas of Queensland. At Calvin Bailey Management Rights the speciality is management rights sales. Calvin draws heavily on his experience as aRead More → is delighted to announce that we have partnered with Hotspots Australia to ensure your smoke alarm and other compliance obligations are being met. With the recent changes in smoke alarm legislation in QLD we thought it was important to ensure our clients are up to date and ready to change. To read more about the changes in legislation see here Hotspots have created an exclusive package for onsite managers, combining smoke alarm compliance, general electrical and air conditioning work under one banner. In addition to the ease of dealing with just one trade, Hotspots also does not charge call out fees resulting in savingsRead More →

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In their simplest form virtual tours have been used by commercial and residential sales agents for many years through the use of property photos which offer a prospective buyer the ability to experience a property and make a value judgement from a remote location without having to visit beforehand. This enables a viewing shortlist to be achieved and thus saving on valuable time. Today’s property buyers are often very sophisticated and time poor, wanting unfettered access to clear and high quality information which offer a truthful and accurate picture of the properties they are interested in viewing with as few unexpected surprises as possible. WeRead More →

Think back to a time when websites were merely an imaginary idea, rather like the concept cars of the future, considered impossible by the masses. Most couldn’t even visualize Google, it was just a funny word, spoken but rarely understood. Most of us couldn’t picture in our minds how a customer in the United States might be able to tap a few keys on his keyboard to book a hotel in Australia. How could that possibly happen without a phone or a fax? And just what was this thing called the Internet that none of us could see but which was creating immense wealth forRead More →

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