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Is your insurance up to scratch?

Is your insurance up to scratch?

If you’re a resident unit manager (RUM) of a property, chances are that you are exposed to a unique set of risks that an insurance policy may be ab

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Preparing your Management Rights for Audit

Preparing your Management Rights for Audit

For Management Rights owners, remaining compliant with governing standards is an essential business and licensing requirement – regardless whether

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How Do You Feel

How Do You Feel

“It’s the vibe of it. It’s the constitution. It’s Mabo. It’s justice. It’s law. It’s the vibe and ah, no, that’s it. It’s the vibe.

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Featured Management Rights

Exclusive Listing Photograph
Permanent Management Rights
Lutwyche, Brisbane, QLD
Call 0404 331 310

  • Net Income: $ 121,745 (actual)
  • Remuneration: $ 62,022
  • Letting Pool: 29

Exclusive Listing Photograph
Resort / Holiday Management Rights
Torquay, Wide Bay, QLD

  • Net Income: $ 391,612 (actual)
  • Remuneration: $ 55,070
  • Letting Pool: 28
  • Manager's Estate (incl): $ 540,000    3    2

Listing Photograph
Off The Plan Management Rights
Burdell, Townsville, QLD

  • Net Income: $ 129,000 (projected)
  • Remuneration: $ 48,000
  • Letting Pool: 42
  • Manager's Estate (incl): $ 539,000    4    2     Pet Friendly

Resort / Holiday Management Rights
Broadbeach, Gold Coast, QLD

  • Net Income: $ 292,863 ()
  • Remuneration: $ 105,249
  • Letting Pool: 33

Exclusive Listing Photograph
Off The Plan Management Rights
Ferny Grove, Brisbane, QLD
MLR $1,000,000 + GST PLUS UNIT $425,000

  • Remuneration: $ 91,300
  • Manager's Estate (incl): $ 425,000    1    1

Listing Photograph
Caretaking Management Rights
Tweed Heads South, Gold Coast, NSW

  • Net Income: $ 46,444 (actual)
  • Remuneration: $ 46,444

What Are Management Rights?

‘Management Rights’ or 'Management Letting Rights' (MRs and MLRs, respectively), are businesses concerned with the maintenance and management of community titled complexes. Management Rights consist of three components: The caretaking agreement to maintain the complex for the body corporate; The letting business allowing the manager to manage rentals within the complex; and The Lot which is the unit, car space, storage areas and office that are owned by the manager in which to reside and run their business. Essentially, a management rights is a business, and a house, combined.