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Auscoast Fire Services Pty Ltd -

Last update: 05 February 2024.

Auscoast Fire was established in 2007 and is a privately owned and operated fire protection business in Australia. Since Auscoast Fire commenced, the business has grown steadily and organically through dynamic differentiators comprising client transparency, award-winning innovation, and competitive pricing. Auscoast Fire Services is recognised as one of the most widely reputable protection companies in Australia, with close working relationships with all key players, including trade unions, suppliers, regulators, subcontractors, and industry bodies. Auscoast Fire is Queensland's exclusive in-house fire company and one of three in Australia. Goods and Services Auscoast Fire’s technical capability begins from the design stage to the required routine service of fire protection systems and equipment in accordance with the governing standards, acts, and codes. Auscoast Fire Services has extensive expertise in all major categories of construction and routine maintenance, as well as an exemplary track record for honesty, integrity, and fair dealings. Our goal is to provide the highest level of service achievable and offer a one-stop shop for all works designed, installed, and maintained to Australian Standards by highly skilled and competent technicians. These services for both maintenance and minor projects include the servicing of the following: ★ fire blankets ★ fire pump sets ★ fire hose reels ★ fire hydrant systems ★ delivery lay flat Hoses ★ special hazard systems ★ automatic fire sprinkler systems ★ fire detection and alarm systems ★ passive fire, including fire shutters ★ portable and wheeled fire extinguishers Modelling, Design and Analysis Construction and Fire System Design Auscoast Fire leads with innovation in fire protection design, supply, and installation. Utilising the millimetre precision of 3D modelling, scanning, and BIM modelling, we remain at the forefront of our industry while reducing rework costs and project timelines. Commercial Fit Outs Auscoast Fire is experienced in the design and construction of small and large-scale fit-outs and refurbishments. With over 13 years of experience, Auscoast Fire Services carries out all work to meet BCA and Australian standards. Specialist Risk Installations Auscoast Fire has been the driving force and key input on many of the most iconic projects in Australia and abroad, with our experience encompassing 80+-story towers, expansive high-piled storage applications, and infrastructure flagship projects. To ensure compliance now and into the future and to extract the maximum protection for your assets and team. Organisations require years of industry knowledge and real-world expertise; therefore, Auscoast Fire Services is the astute choice. QBCC Licence No: 1114544 ★ Fire Protection - Electrical Stream - Certify - Fire Alarm Systems ★ Fire Protection - Electrical Stream - Install and Maintain - Fire Alarm Systems ★ Passive Fire Protection - Fire Doors and Shutters ★ Portable fire equipment: install and maintain ★ Passive Fire Protection - Fire Collars, Penetrations and Joint Sealing ★ Fire Protection - Special Hazard Fire System Stream - Certify ★ Fire Protection - Water-Based Fire System Stream - Certify ★ Fire Protection - Special Hazard Fire System Stream - Install and Maintain ★ Fire Protection - Water-Based Fire System Stream - Install and Maintain ★ Fire Protection - Water-Based Fire System Stream - Install and Maintain ★ Hydraulic Service Design The current industries for which we provide services include: Commercial | Construction | Health Services | Government sites | Corporate | Retail | Defence | Manufacturing | Distribution | Logistics | Residential | Education facilities | Aged Care After-Hours Support Auscoast Fire Services has an after-hours manager who is fully empowered to make managerial and instructional decisions as needed. The After hours Manager has years of specialised experience in the fire industry and is responsible for the after-hours process's operations and strategy.

Main Contact: Wayne Nicholson
Mobile: 0492481...
Office: 07 5596 1...

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Spencer Road Carrara , 4211 Australia

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/ 105 Spencer Road Carrara QLD 4211

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