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McAdam Siemon Business Advisors -

Last update: 04 May 2024.

McAdam Siemon Business Advisors

Management Rights

McAdam Siemon have been advising clients in the management rights industry on the

Sunshine Coast and in Brisbane for over 10 years. Advising on all aspects of the industry

cycle from purchase to management and eventually sale. McAdam Siemon have

experienced staff who can aid and add value to your business.

Summary of Services


Verification Reports


Trust Account Audit


Profit & Loss for Sale Purposes


Compliance Accounting


Tax and Management Advice


When purchasing any business it is important to have in place the correct structures and

conduct the appropriate due diligence, Management Rights is no exception. We will advise

on all matters of the purchase including initial meetings discussing structures, tax advice,

borrowings and contracts. Upon entering a contract we will assist in the due diligence by

preparing a Verification Report for you and your financial institution. We will visit the complex,

review all records and comment on our results.


After purchase and throughout the management process McAdam Siemon can assist with all

facets of the business. Our systematic approach to the financials of the business paired with

the experience of our staff in this industry ensures accurate timely figures and management


Management rights are just like any other business and we can assist you in setting your

budgets and financial/non-financial indicators. These will help you grow your business to

levels you desire to give you a return on your ultimate investment.

We also conduct trust account audits and prepare the mandatory Trust Account Audit Report

for the office of fair trading on an annual basis.


On sale of your business McAdam Siemon will prepare financial documents for sale

purposes. Due to our specialised skills in this industry these documents along with our advice

on the sale ensure both you and the potential purchaser are fully informed of all facets of the


For all your management rights needs please speak to:

John Siemon FCPA (Sunshine Coast)

Sam Hodgetts CPA (Brisbane)

Or email for a full detailed service outline

Main Contact: Sam Hodgetts
Mobile: 0402 214 ...
Office: 07 3421 3...
Fax: 07 3421 3400

Street Address:

Logan Road Upper Mount Gravatt , 4122 Australia

Postal Address:

Po Box 6489 Upper Mount Gravatt Qld 4122 Australia

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