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RAAS Group -

Last update: 29 November 2016.

RAAS Group


Barry Hewitt

Tel 0405 195 013,
(7 listings advertised)

Dean Martell

Tel 0459 731 313,
(1 listings advertised)

Don Beveridge

Tel 0417734897,
(5 listings advertised)

Eileen Marquis

Tel 0408 383 348
(1 listings advertised)

Jim Prentice

Tel 0412 984 684,
(11 listings advertised)

Kerrie Lush

Tel 0416 084 693,
(24 listings advertised)

Kirsten Lowis

Tel 0488 900 619,
(9 listings advertised)

Mike Mallory

Tel 0409 494 098,
(8 listings advertised)

Peter Dimond

Tel 0418 337 598,
(2 listings advertised)

Peter Sagner

Tel 0401 814 404,
(4 listings advertised)

Robert Collins

Tel 0404 678 792,
(15 listings advertised)

Sasha Jancevski

Tel 0406 075 270 ,
(6 listings advertised)

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Main Contact: Mike Butler
Mobile: +61 7 3299-1...
Mobile: +61 7 3299-1...

Street Address:

Compton Road Underwood , 4119 Australia

Postal Address:

PO Box 3794 Robina QLD 4226 Australia

Online Profile: RAAS Group

The RAAS Group was formed by three long-time industry professionals in 2002 and now has a footprint Australia wide! The group now employs some 300 on-site residential managers as real estate salespeople; employs another 20 property professionals covering management rights business sales, motel sales and special projects; and has dedicated staff based permanently in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and North Queensland. This is a way of low risk buying investment property in Queensland you do not deal with a property salesperson from a typical real estate agency, nor do business with a marketeer who comes to town with an investment seminar. Every sales representative will likely be the on-site property manager in the complex where you are looking to invest. The RAAS Group is a “one-stop shop” for your every need in the property industry.

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